Welcome to Chinese Medicine Works with Celine Leonard

Covid 19 Update

The Covid 19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of all Chinese medicine clinics so that face to face treatments are no longer possible.

Since I am not in clinic and will no longer be doing an acupuncture clinic, I am offering remote consults via Facetime or Zoom for herbal medicine consults and for individual targeted dietary advice. Dietary therapy is a branch of Chinese medicine which is somewhat neglected in clinical practice but it can form an essential tool for self care and for promoting the resources for fertility. Similarly, I am also doing an online Zoom Qi Gong class for women. Rather than having a practitioner use needles to contact, stimulate and redirect the body’s qi or energy, regular practice of Qi Gong allows the person to contact and build their own resources of qi. In so doing, the nervous system is rebalanced, well-being is enhanced and resources are slowly but steadily built.

Celine Leonard has been in practice for over 25 years and is highly trained in using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for a very wide range of diseases, including digestive, respiratory, genitourinary, gynaecological, endocrine, immune, neurological and musculoskeletal problems, as well as general feelings of malaise.

Celine has specialised in Gynaecology treatments since the mid 1990s and has extensive experience is helping with complex and difficult gynaecological conditions.

She is also a specialist in Male and Female Fertility Treatment(s) and in helping couples undergoing ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)to prepare for and undergo treatment. Recent research has clearly validated the power of Chinese Medicine in treating infertility.

Celine has been working with the Merrion Fertility Clinic since 2002 and holds a clinic there on Wednesday evenings.