Acupuncture Treatment

Most Medical Systems are concerned with restoring or maintaining homeostasis or balance to the body and spirit. Chinese Medicine has its own language for its understanding of this balance, based on Substances such as Qi, Blood, Jing/Essence and Shen/Spirit.

TCM combines a detailed analysis of signs and symptoms with a unique system of pulse and tongue diagnosis to develop a detailed picture of the course and process of disease.

Acupuncture has been used for millenia in the Far East and is an central therapy in the range of therapies offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi is seem to flow in certain mapped channels of the body which connect exterior and interior and influence the organs. Qi is contactable though designated points along the Channels.

Acupuncture depends on the insertion of fine needles at such points in order to remove obstacles to normal flow of Qi, influence the resilence of the bodily system, restore Equilibrium or Homesostasis. In so doing, it helps bodily resistance, restores well being and improves health.