Preparing for an ART Cycle

Preparing for an ART cycle is very important to help ensure a better outcome. Chinese Medicine maintains that improving the health of the parent is very important for a good pregnancy and a strong constitution in a child.

It is best, if possible, to allow for 3 months preparation time. This time period is based on western medicine research that shows that the body’s preparation for each cycle in a woman and for fertility in a man is actually 120 days. This time period gives the practitioner time work with the individual. Treatment includes life style and dietary advice where appropriate. In treating a woman, the practitioner seeks to improve the woman’s wellbeing, to correct problems in the menstrual cycle and to increase the reserves or Jing which Chinese Medicine believes determines good response to fertility drugs. In treating a man, the practitioner seeks to improve male fertility and the outcome of a sperm assay as preparation for use in the IUI, IVF or ICSI cycle.

Treatment continues with the actual cycle, counteracting the inevitable stresses on the woman, helping with the side effects of ART medications, using acupuncture for pre and post Embryo Transfer, and supporting implantation in the difficult 2 weeks wait before pregnancy testing. Once a positive pregnancy result is achieved, treatment continues to protect the initial pregnancy, to deal with pregnancy problems and to help secure as good a constitution as possible for the child.

If the cycle is unsuccessful, it is also very important to treat in preparation for a subsequent cycle of IVF, Frozen Embyro Transfer or Donor Egg cycle in order to replenish the reserves used in the response to previous cycles.