Fertility Treatments

Chinese Medicine has a 2000 year history of theory and commentary but has also adapted successfully to work in tandem with modern Western Medicine.

Acupuncture is probably the most familiar of the treatments offered by Chinese Medicine. It is often done as a sole therapy or in conjunction with Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Acupuncture has become a staple of treatment in modern Fertility treatment since it has been verified in trial after trial by Evidence Based Medicine. Its value is that it may be used on its own or as an valuable adjunct treatment for women undergoing Assisted Fertility Treatments.

If a Woman wants assistance in conceiving, it is best to attend a practitioner who specialises in Fertility Treatment. We use the medical theories of Chinese Medicine to look at a woman’s Western Medicine diagnosis from a different point of view.

Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis are done to clarify what course of treatment is needed to either increase resources for pregnancy or remove obstructions. The practitioner always seeks to correct any hormonal imbalances and thus to maximise the potential for pregnancy.

Studies have now shown how Acupuncture’s reputation for reducing stress and stabilising the hormonal system has been verified by clinical testing showing the lowering of abnormal Cortisol levels and increased regulation of the Hormonal or Endocrine System.

In addition, since Chinese Medicine always emphasises the importance of the treatment of the individual, it is very common that a Woman’s health, vitality and well-being increase as treatment progress