Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a 2000 year history of continual use and refinement. It is a very sophisticated system, with a extensive range of herbal substances which can be precisely tailored to match the needs of each individual’s situation. Since they are taken twice daily, they are an effective way of treating many diseases and of correcting gynaecological disorders, meanwhile always increasing the health and vitality of the individual.

Herbal remedies are crucial in the treatment of gynaecological and fertility disorders and in regulating endocrine processes They are used to treat the pain of Endometrosis and such endocrine disorders as PCOS or hyperprolactinaemia. They are used for excess period bleeding and pain, to promote ovulation, to increase the chances of pregnancy in a particular cycle, to prevent miscarriage and to support good health in pregnancy.

Herbal remedies are vital in preparing a woman or a man for pregnancy and parenthood and for the demands faced when undergoing fertility treatment. It is best, if possible, to allow for three months treatment to increase the success of ART cycles. Herbal remedies are taken either in the traditional liquid or decoction form or in powder form.