I cannot thank you enough for all your help, support and encouragement on my journey to becoming a mammy. F is a dream come true for us and you helped us make it!

Best wishes. M

(M is once again pregnant with the support of acupuncture)

“Thanks in no small part to Celine’s professionalism and skill, we have been blessed with two beautiful boys. Four years ago, we started trying for a baby and after disappointing routine fertility test results, the next option for us was IVF even though it had already been suggested by doctors that it was unlikely that I would respond well to IVF due to my abnormally low ovarian reserve. I turned to TCM/acupuncture in the hope that it may at least help relieve stress, improve my energy levels and help regulate my cycle.   It was at this time that I discovered Celine.

Celine’s vast experience, her reassuring manner and empathy cannot be understimated particularly in such a sensitive and stressful subject as infertility/sub-fertility. Through pulse and tongue diagnosis, she very quickly determined what “constitutional” factors were at play in inhibiting my ability to conceive and set about using a gentle but effective combination of my taking herbal powders and acupuncture.  By working with my cycle and my subsequently becoming more aware of my fertility on a day to day basis, Celine was able to bring me to what could only be described as an optimal condition to conceive. The acupuncture sessions were relaxing – (if anything taking that time out for myself  in the middle of a busy day was in itself a treat).

While it takes a leap of faith on the part of the person undergoing acupuncture / TCM, I have no doubt that our journey to our miracle babies was made easier and possible by Celine. The fact that Celine works alongside clinical specialists and is recognised in the area of fertility was of great reassurance as it means that she understands their “speak” and complements their work.

After naturally conceiving, I gave birth In November 2007 to a beautiful baby boy. In January 2009, I returned to Celine hoping that she might be able to again work her magic. After naturally conceiving a few months later, our second beautiful baby, another boy safely arrived in January 2010.  My second pregnancy was not as straightforward as my first but I continued to see Celine who provided tremendous support to ensure that we pulled through.

Celine, I will miss coming in to see you (in particular I will miss listening to your beautiful music collection, of which I have been quietly taking note!) Thank you for your extraordinary help – we are now a family when I had more or less resigned myself to the likelihood of this not happening.  I also now know that the most terrifying word in the English language is none other than “Mummy”!!”

(P conceived yet another baby spontaneously and with the assistance of chinese medicine throughout her pregnancy has recently delivered her third child)

Dear Celine

Thank you so much for all your help, we are so delighted to have a new addition to our family this Christmas. I can’t believe that J’s photo will now be up on your photo wall after all my time staring at the other babies wishing and hoping. Thanks again. Keep up the amazing work! Lots of love T, B & F

DC’s Story

Following 4 unsuccessful IVF cycles, I became pregnant on my 5th cycle. Before and throughout this cycle, I attended Celine for weekly acupuncture and also took herbs each day prescribed by Celine throughout the cycle and for the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy. I had never taken herbs before and have no doubt that the combination of herbs and acupuncture made the difference this time. DC


R’s Story

To write about my journey in trying to conceive a child I’ll start at the very beginning for me which was my wedding day.

I got married in Sept 09, great day was had and loads of plans for the future ahead! Both my husband and I wanted to have a family but neither of us were too fussed about starting straight after getting married but if it happened we would not have been disappointed either. We thought that we would take it more seriously once the New Year came around.

Nothing happened in terms of babies between Sept and Dec 09. That didn’t bother us either. I started to use the ovulation sticks in Jan, I appeared to have had a normal cycle that month but didn’t conceive, and again that didn’t bother us. All my life I had irregular periods and didn’t think too much of it or get it investigated either. When my Feb cycle started, I was not ovulating per the sticks. Frustrated, I went to my GP and asked for advice.

My GP is a lovely lady, she took some bloods and gave me good advice. All the bloods came back normal but no period had come. I was much stressed in work at that time also which wouldn’t have helped my situation. A few more weeks passed so I met the GP again, she referred me to get an internal scan completed.

I got the scan done and the scanographer said that it looked like I had PCOS but it would need to be confirmed by the specialist. My official results were sent back to my GP confirming I had PCOS, she then referred me to a Fertility Clinic. At this stage it was now around Sept 2010. Between Sept 2010 and June 2011 I ended up doing 2 rounds of Clomid and 2 rounds of Menopur injections. I also had started attending acupuncture sessions. None of the cycles were successful and I found them very trying and demanding.  I was tired of all the medical treatments at this stage and was really starting to convince myself that my body would be able to conceive a child naturally.

We decided at that point that I would take a break from the whole medical side of things and focus solely on acupuncture as a fertility treatment for at least 6 months.

I attended the Celine Leonard’s acupuncture practice. I believe Celine is probably one of the most experienced and qualified acupunctists in Ireland. She specialises in the area of fertility. She gave me hope and advice and also in a way got me to relax about the whole Journey of trying to conceive a Child that we were on. Celine gave me herbs to take pre ovulation and a different set post ovulation. They were far from pleasant to taste but in a strange way I got used to them!!

Although I do not have a notion what was in those herbs I had total confidence in Celine prescribing me what she knew would work best of my body!!


At the same time I also changed by diet. The Diet I followed was Gluten, Wheat and Diary free. There are loads of foods free of these products in the Gluten free sections in the supermarkets. When I was following the diet, I ate loads of fruit and veg. I ate a lot more fish than usual, maybe having it around twice a week. I also had a lot of veggie meals in terms of vegetable stir frys. I mainly kept eating meat to the weekends. I considered it more of a change in diet rather than a diet to lose weight. I did lose some weight without even trying. I was never too heavy weight wise but it was nice to lose a few pounds!!  I also ate a lot of Almonds and ate some pumpkin seeds in work as snacks.

For PCOS, refined sugars, chocolate, crisps, cakes, all treats are a Big No No. For my treats, I would have a square or 2 of dark chocolate, 85 % – 90% cocoa, there is a lot less sugar in this chocolate than other chocolate. Lindt does a good range and also Green and Black Organic Chocolate.

If I wanted a treat at the weekends I did have a desert, I felt there was no point in totally depriving myself of everything if I had a craving for a treat, I just didn’t have them all the time and did keep them as treats. I took Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E tablets. I also took pregnacare preconception tablets -they have folic acid in them. In terms of exercise, I stopped running and took up walking instead (long walks!!) and toning classes.

I also was told about a book which was meant to be very good. The person who told me about the book said that anyone who read her friends copy of book ended up getting pregnant!!! I did not read that particular copy of the book but ordered my own and read it. The name of the book is The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis

For me, I do think that an important aspect was the fact that I started to really believe I could conceive naturally over medical intervention. I really do think that your mind set is so important no matter what fertility treatment you’re going for – medical or natural. Finally, the areas of stress in my work no longer existed as I had learned to manage them better.

Overall I was starting to feel a lot better in myself, my body was feeling very healthy and my outlook was now full of hope rather than disappointment.

The first cycle with Celine on the acupuncture and herbs was not successful in terms of conceiving but I did ovulate and my cycle looked “normal” which I was really positive about. When I got my period at the end of this cycle, I recall being some what disappointed but not upset as I was so relaxed and convinced that between my change in diet and acupuncture things would come good for me eventually. Fortunately for me, my second cycle was successful. The shock, joy, happiness we experienced when I got a positive pregnancy test was unbelievable.

Now at 25 weeks pregnant I still attend Celine as I truly believe she only does good for me and my baby. RE – Due May 2012!!!

R has since had a healthy baby girl.

P’s Story

When people look at their children, they usually pick out little parts of how they look that capture a part of themselves or their side of the family or their in-laws. “They have my nose or their Dad’s ears or grandad’s humour sort of thing”
When I look at our little boy, B who is 18 months old, I think with gratitude of an incredible professional team who supported us through our three year wait to become parents. Celine was to the fore of that team and I believe that her precision, care and professionalism supported me to make a range of lifestyle changes and to cope day-to-day with the huge weight, stress and sense of loss that I was carrying through monthly disappointments.
I had read that acupuncture could be a helpful way of achieving a succesful pregnancy. When I first met Celine, I arrived at our first appointment completely run down, stressed at work, burnt out and with a broken heart from the two years we had been trying for a child. I met Celine just as we were beginning to attend the Merrion Fertility Clinic and I was very scared and anxious about the journey that lay ahead.
Truthfully, I started in acupuncture with Celine with the sole focus of achieving a pregnancy. I naively hoped it would take two or three sessions and that this would be the miracle answer that we were looking for. Over the next few months, I attended Celine weekly and we entered into four IUI’s in the clinic and to our bitter disappointment none of them worked. It was a very difficult time and I was finding it increasingly difficult to cope.
I think I would have been truly lost only something began to happen at my sessions with Celine. I began to leave acupuncture feeling stronger and had a strong sense from within me that I could cope. I felt at peace and reassured and ultimately began to feel like my health was improving. I began to make positive lifestyle choices for the first time in ages. People started to tell me that I was looking well and I felt that the acupuncture supported me to live a healthier lifestyle in terms of my diet and socialising habits. In the whole time, I attended Celine I never had to go to a doctor for a cold or flu. I committed to the herbs that she prescribed and I trusted her expertise and judgement about my body completely. Having a baby was always a huge motivation in my signing up for acupuncture but what I had not gauged for was a whole range of health and well being benefits that I began to experience.
Both Celine and Josephine recommended that I attended a mindfulness course and this opened up a whole new way of managing time and dealing with the pressure I was feeling about months passing with no sign of a child.
Celine had supported us to make very careful decisions about the timing of our IVF treatment and had used the information that she had from our sessions to suggest holding off IVF until she had a better chance to get my body into top condition for a future pregnancy. Although everything in our hearts wanted the quick fix, the trust and expertise that Celine had  cultivated meant that I postponed treatment for 2 months and went with her advice and her expertise. We could not be more grateful to have had Celine’s direction around us at this time. We received our positive news about a pregnancy after this round of IVF that Celine had worked with us so closely on preparing for.
I always recommend Celine’s service to friends of mine or to people who I meet who share their stories. Some of them are trying for a baby or others would like assistance during their pregnancy or as they prepare for their birth or for people’s health in general.
I cannot recommend the services provided by Celine, Josephine and the herbal clinic enough. They have an incredible ability to balance their expertise of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture with the in-depth medical detail and knowledge of assisted reproduction treatments.
It is very comforting for me to know that if ever I face any health challenges in the future that their service will be there as my first point of contact.
Thank you Celine
P, J and B
C’s Story

J’s arrival is due in no small part to your sterling work. When I first met you I had a long journey ahead of me (2.5 years – I had no idea what was ahead!) and your expert guidance and fantastic support got me through.

I especially appreciated your ‘softer’ approach to fertility, in that medical doctors such as my own GP and Consultant at the time were very clinical about miscarriage and conception. I felt I got little real guidance and support from them. Whereas your knowledge was exactly what I needed in terms of how my reproductive system was working and the help it needed. This gave me the opportunity to really grasp what was going on and make subsequent informed decisions.

I also really appreciated your common sense approach to my fertility. It’s obvious when you think about it, but I was never going to find it easy to conceive or carry a child when I was under severe work pressure, eating badly, sleeping badly and drinking too many stimulants (alcohol, caffeine etc). Without your perceptiveness however, I may not have worked that out myself for a while or until it was too late. You helped me change all this.

It was also amazing to see the direct effects of your treatments and the herbs – sometimes in a very dramatic fashion! I felt you were a true confidante with my interests very much at heart and my sessions with you were often a great relief.

(C is now pregnant with her second child after further treatment)