Beating the Ticking Clock

I entered the world of over-focus on my fertility in January 2014 having been married for 7 months and starting to wonder whether I should indeed be worried or what were the best next steps, a lovely friend had re-assured me that it could and does take time but that she had tried acupuncture and thought it was something I would enjoy and should investigate. I did some initial research and quickly understood that this was a whole new world of discovery and that I would need to find the right person to help me on this journey.

Celine became this person and I am very glad I choose this route. I was 37 and surrounded and slightly paralysed by the fear and societal pressure of being an older first time parent to be, everything I googled and read pointed to alarming statistics which felt like scaremongering when you are in a sensitive state of mind. Due to work pressures over the last number of years, I was also concerned that previous work related stress and constant pressure could contribute to some level of hormonal in-balance or just being a bit wound up which may have impacted my fertility.

At the same time, I did also start investigating with my GP and having the required blood tests, I thought doing both at once made sense and that did prove to be the case. The tests were coming back within the average to normal enough levels for my age so nothing specific was being brought to light.

I embraced the TCM powders under Celine’s advice and direction and despite the initial magic potion type feeling, I really did start to feel a sense of calm after the first few months of taking them. I also started to chart my temperature and to a large extent felt I was learning about the mechanics of my cycle for the first time.

At each and every visit with Celine, she maintained a very calm and considered approach, listening intently to every word, feeling, emotion that I shared with her and she really helped me to get more in-tune with myself as she provoked each thought and question and very often, without saying too much, I felt somehow re-assured that I was making progress or moving to a different place.

The wonder of it all is that I am now 20 weeks pregnant and while I can’t attribute this miracle of life wholly to acupuncture, I do believe it helped me to get there and made the journey very enjoyable, relaxing and I found a sense of calm that was missing for awhile and I think helped to prepare me even slightly for the biggest change yet to come in my life.

It does require patience and belief and I think a sense of trust is important as you need to give yourself over to what may be a more alternative approach.

The magical moment of visiting Celine when I was 6/7 weeks pregnant and her being able to feel the baby pulse was a very special moment and one I will never forget.